An announcement about the 2015 Allegrina 100

As we look at the registration numbers for this year’s Allegrina 100, we have come to the regrettable conclusion that it is best for us to cancel the ride. We know there is typically a spike in same-day registration, but advance registration is soft enough that we can anticipate a very low turnout. In itself, that’s not a big deal — riding with a small group is fun. The bigger issue is that putting on the ride that we’ve promised would cost our sponsors far more than we would reap in returns for the scholarship.

We’re contacting the people who registered through BikeReg directly about refunds.

We’re grateful for all the support we’ve received for the ride over the years. The ride began as a very personal way for us to work through the grief of losing somebody important in our lives. Over time, it grew into something much bigger — and much more exciting. With Heather and Brian moving away from Michigan at the end of the summer, we knew this would be the last year the ride would take this form. This is probably a good time for us to return it to its roots, where we informally get together with a few friends and spend the day on our bikes. We hope you all get the chance to do that kind of thing once in a while.

We still have a long way to go in raising funds to endow the Allegrina Scholarship. Please, consider giving at this link:

PS: If you’re looking for another well-run century ride on the Lakeshore that benefits a good cause, we would recommend the Holland 100.

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